Technology Education

Tech Ed


What is technology education?

Let’s start with a simple question -How tall can you build a tower out of paper?

Technology education students at Loch Raven High School begin their study of technology systems with a hands-on problem to solve. Students work in small groups of two or three and use one sheet of standard size twenty pound copy paper and a limited amount of tape to construct the tallest possible paper tower. The school record................ 78 inches high!!!! What's yours?

Students work toward understanding how resources such as people, tools and machines, time, creativity, capital, materials, skill, knowledge and energy are a part of the problem-solving recipe. In most activities, the goal is to apply some previous knowledge, use some scientific or mathematical principles, work in a group, solve a problem, learn something new, and hopefully, have fun.

Courses offered
Foundations of Engineering
Engineering Principles (Honors)

Technology Education Teacher - David Straub – [email protected]