Social Studies

Picture of the White House on Social Studies page
The Social Studies Department at Loch Raven High offers a wide range of courses allowing students the opportunity to explore many areas of  study. 

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We currently offer:

  -  American Government Honors
   -  American Government GT
  -  AP American Government and Politics
   - World History Honors
   - AP World History
  -  AP US History
   -  Economics Honors
  -  AP Economics
   -  Psychology
  -  Abnormal Psychology
   - AP Psychology
  -  AP Human Geography
   - Philosophy Honors

Social Studies Department Members

Charles Soper  (Department Chair) cs[email protected]
Kate Price [email protected]
Greg Markowski [email protected]
Steve Kronberg [email protected]
Ashleigh Carls [email protected]
Robin Dicerce-Cremen [email protected]
Brian Williams [email protected]
Antony Menegatti - [email protected]
Rebecca Sinton - [email protected]

Our teachers work to promote  literacy for all students at Loch Raven High.