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The Science Department at Loch Raven High offers a wide range of courses allowing students the opportunity to explore many areas of scientific study.

Learn more about the LRHS Science Department Course offerings here

We currently offer various options for your core requirements:
  -  Earth Systems
  -  Living Systems
  -  Chemistry
  -  Physics
  -  Integrated Physics and Chemistry

And numerous Science Electives (click a course to learn more): 
Forensic Science
 Advanced Placement Biology
 Advanced Placement Chemistry
 Advanced Placement Physics C
 Advanced Placement Environmental Science

 Paramedical Biology
 Anatomy and Physiology

We have also started a new completer program with BCPS call Project Lead the Way: BioMedical Sciences. This is a great opportunity for students that are interested in the medical field for future career options! 

Click for more info on PLTW Bio Med

Our teachers work to promote science literacy for all students at Loch Raven High.

Science Department Members
Click on teacher names for a video message to learn a little more about them!
 Jen Shaw (Department Chair) - [email protected]
Brian Barker[email protected]
Kimathi Evans - [email protected]
Jessica Galeano[email protected]
Joseph McCusker - [email protected]
Mark Muneses - [email protected]
Patrick O'Leary - [email protected]
Taylor Ransome - [email protected]
John Railey[email protected]