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The Math Department at Loch Raven High offers a full range of courses allowing students to explore application-based and theoretical math. 

We currently offer: 

-Sets, Functions, and Probability
-Honors Geometry
-Trigonometry with Algebra
-Honors College Algebra
-Honor Trigonometry
-Foundation of Computer Science
-AP Computer Science
-Honors Statistics
-AP Statistics
-Algebra I
-GT Algebra II
-Pre College Math
-GT Pre Calculus
-AP Calculus I/II
-AP Calculus III

Math Department Members
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Leanne Voos (Department Chair) -
Sanford Buxbaum -
John Hanley -
Babatunde Ibigbami -
Monica Kidwell -
Matthew Lapides -
Matthew Miller -
Tom Sales -
Jennifer Webb -
Albert Zuromski-

Math Department