The English Department at Loch Raven High offers a wide range of courses allowing students the opportunity to explore many facets of reading and writing . To learn more about the English offerings at LRHS click here

ELA Course Offerings

 English 9 Honors
 English 9 GT
 English 10 Honors
 English 10 GT
 English 11 Honors
 English 12 Honors
 Advanced Placement Language & Composition 
 Advanced Placement Literature & Composition 
 Creative Writing I & II
 Yearbook I - IV
 Journalism I - IV
 Speech (with a focus in Hip Hop Lyrics as Literature)
Film Appreciation and Critique 

English Department Members

Kristina Anderson  (Department Chair)- [email protected]
Joann Bryant-Mitchell- [email protected]
Megan Byrne- [email protected]
Kalman Cash- [email protected]
Tony Guerrasio- [email protected]
Drew Hinton- [email protected]
Anne Krall[email protected]
Tara Lancaster- 
 [email protected]
Rebecca Sinton-
 [email protected]

Brandon Stano - [email protected]
Jeremy Stevens- [email protected]
Megan Tobin- [email protected]