Applying to College and Requesting Transcripts

Using Family Connection/Naviance to apply to schools

To visit our school’s Family Connection/Naviance website, use your browser to connect:


1)     Log in using your access code or password.  After you log in, you can change the password if you prefer. 

2)     Complete your resume in “about me” or upload a word document or pdf file to the 'Journal'.  It is helpful to the counselors and teachers that write your recommendation letters

3)     Explore colleges in “colleges I’m thinking about,” use “more search options” to refine your search.  Then, make a list of all colleges where you plan to apply. 'College Compare' can help you determine "reach", "fit" or "safety" status of you colleges.

4)     More than 450 colleges and universities use the Common Application.  After July 13th, create your profile at:  Complete your user name and password for the ‘Common App’ in Family Connection under “colleges I’m applying to.”  

5)     Counselors will be visiting all English classes the week of September 10 with detailed instructions.

6)     Schedule an appointment to meet with your counselor in early September.

A-G           Ms. Jessica Moody

H-O           Ms. Tracey Johnson

P-Z            Mr. Alastair Palmer

 General questions- contact Ms. Wolfkill

 7)     Start applying for scholarships in the fall. Waiting until Spring is too late. On the 'Colleges' tab, scroll to the bottom right of the page and complete the 'national scholarship search' sponsored by Sallie Mae.

8)     Apply to the colleges and universities; then request transcripts and letters of recommendation through Family Connection/ Naviance.  Not all colleges and universities require teacher recommendations.  Check each carefully before you ask for letters.

Family Connection also lets us share information with you and your child about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information.  Newsletters will be sent directly to your email address.